About Our Sponsor: Top Tax Defenders

Top Tax Defenders is a Houston-based tax relief company that works tirelessly on behalf of individuals and business owners who struggle with IRS back tax issues. Its employees are dedicated to fighting for its clients’ rights and standing up to the IRS’s difficult-to-navigate bureaucracy. With an ironclad work ethic and years of industry experience, Top Tax Defenders resolves complex tax issues quickly and satisfactorily.

Comprehensive Tax Relief Services

Top Tax Defenders uses proven, effective methods to settle its clients’ tax debts on favorable terms. The company’s comprehensive tax relief services include:

  • Offers in Compromise that can significantly reduce clients’ tax debts and achieve permanent settlements within short timeframes
  • Long-term tax repayment plans that allow clients to spread out the cost of their tax settlements over a period of several years
  • Removal of punitive tax levies and tax liens that can drain the financial resources of individual taxpayers and small business owners
  • Tax preparation services for filers who have had IRS back tax issues in the past
  • Customized business tax planning for companies that struggle with debt or back taxes

Top Tax Defenders offers all of these services in a transparent, ethical manner that respects the rights and needs of its clients.

On-the-Ground IRS Experience

Many tax resolution companies claim to have insider knowledge of the IRS’s activities, but few actually employ seasoned tax professionals who have directly worked for the IRS. Top Tax Defenders is different: The company employs former IRS tax examiners and counsel personnel with in-depth knowledge of the organization’s tax collection policies. These dedicated professionals can effectively counter the IRS’s stall tactics and craft settlement proposals that the agency’s higher-ups find acceptable. TTD’s former IRS employees also understand that fighting the IRS can take an emotional toll on rank-and-file taxpayers and are committed to providing moral and practical support throughout the process.

Three Decades of Tax Relief Expertise

Top Tax Defender’s employees are not just experienced with the ins and outs of the IRS’s tax collection protocols. They are also among the most experienced workers in the entire tax resolution industry. As a company, TTD has nearly three decades of experience in the business and employs several individuals who have devoted their careers to IRS back tax issues. Over the years, they have seen an impressive array of tax situations and have built an “experience portfolio” that allows them to tackle complex or novel tax situations with confidence.

Proven, Consistently Replicated Methods and Results

These collective experiences have enabled Top Tax Defenders to achieve impressive results for individual taxpayers and business owners alike. The company knows exactly how to appease the IRS and is dedicated to following its often onerous timetables and protocols. Its streamlined systems and procedures reduce the incidence of errors and oversights without sacrificing expediency. Moreover, it provides its clients with personalized attention. With TTD, folks who struggle with back taxes know exactly what to expect.

Top Tax Defenders Reviews

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